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Why Work With Web Pulse?

The Pulse Advantage.

As new offices and clinics and popping up every week - getting new patients and maximizing your revenue has become increasingly more difficult. Times has changed where you're no longer the only clinic on the block but competing with multiple in your area for the same slice of pie. Digital marketing used to be frowned upon in certain professions in the healthcare industry as a means to get new patients - now it's a necessity. Word of Mouth is no longer enough to get the volume of patients you desire. People are getting smarter and tech savvy, conducting ample research prior to making their final decision.  

Web Pulse understands this void and it's our mission to ensure that we provide the right solutions. We have a philosophy of making sure your brand is properly represented so you already have pre-built trust BEFORE someone even steps into your office. We have worked with different clients across multiple professions in healthcare (dental, optometry, surgical, medical spas etc.) and have developed customized ways to ensure maximized success. 

What makes us different from everyone else? Customized. We take immense pride in the quality of our work, there are no templates and pre-built cookie-cutter material. When you work with us, you are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind creative(s) that truly represent you, whether it's a social media post we create for you, an e-blast or an advertisement campaign on Google. 

We value quality over quantity - which is why we only accept a limited number of new clients every month - ensuring that we maintain the highest quality in our work without ANY compromise.

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